Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance Proudly Serving Westchester County, Fairfield County & Putnam County

Once your air conditioning system has been installed, you’re well on your way to comfortable living during the hot summer months in the state of New York. When your system breaks down or needs routine maintenance, it is vital to partner with experts who have years of experience. Whether we installed your original system or are just helping you with your existing set up, Taconic Heating & Cooling is the first phone call you should make. Our expert team has the tools and experience to ensure your air conditioning system continues working properly. Few things are more uncomfortable than a sticky, humid night in August when your AC system fails.

Trained technicians

At Taconic Heating & Cooling, we follow a strict process for all of our air conditioning repair jobs. The first step is coming to your home for a full assessment. From there, we diagnose the source of the problem and offer potential solutions. In many cases, one simple component has caused the entire unit to stop working; but someone without a dedicated support team might assume it’s time to replace the unit, without further research—Taconic Heating & Cooling has other ideas. We are always in the business of saving you time and money, and our trusted, dependable repairs help keep your AC unit running smoothly. It’s important to be aware of the first signs of trouble to avoid potential replacements. Make sure you call today if something seems off!

The importance of routine maintenance

Like any other appliance in your home, your air conditioning unit is an appliance with many moving parts and increasingly advanced forms of technology. One of the best ways to prevent system failures and breakdowns is to have routine maintenance done on your unit. Every so often, a member of our trustworthy and friendly team can be at your home for a quick inspection. We run a series of tests to ensure all of your components are working properly. Early spring is a great time to get this maintenance done, before the heavy heat settles in for summer. We have a variety of maintenance packages to choose from—all designed to save you money.

The best equipment

Beyond having an expert team, Taconic Heating & Cooling takes pride in always using the best equipment for all of our servicing and maintenance jobs. We know how much of a hassle any type of house work can be, and we utilize the best tools and equipment in the industry to provide efficient, long-lasting results. From our vehicles to our toolkit, everything is top of the line and we always use genuine parts for all replacements and repairs. Our business is built on giving our customers the right results without breaking the bank, and our air conditioning repairs speak for themselves.

Call today for expert service

Has your air conditioning unit stopped working? Is your home not cooling properly? Noticing strange noises or smells from your unit? At Taconic Heating & Cooling, we’ll be at your home as soon as possible to figure out the problem and find a solution quickly. Don’t spend another day or night sweating indoors. Contact us and let the air conditioning maintenance professionals proudly serving Westchester County, Fairfield County & Putnam County, fix your unit with ease.